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From the WCMGA President, Jack Melnick

15 Mar 2017 6:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Notice to WCMGA Membership and 2017 Intern class

March 15, 2017

RE: summary of certification requirements (hours, process, etc.)

For the Intern class:

  • ·      WCMG interns must complete the 40 hours of education (the master gardener class) and 40 hours of volunteer service the 1st year of the program
  • o   intern:  term used to classify new TEMGs in the process of completing the class and/or earning initial certification hours
  • o   Of the 40 Volunteer hours required to initially certify, all hours must be earned on WCMGA sponsored projects
  • o   Interns may enter up to 10 hours of continued education units (CEUs) to satisfy part of the initial 40-hour requirement (per Amy … WCMGA monthly meetings, Volunteer Gardener, library classes, horticulture workshops/programs, etc.)
  • o   Please enter volunteer hours under ‘My Volunteer Hours’ and educational hours under ‘My Education Hours’

For Association Membership:

  • ·      For continued certification, WCMGs report 25 community volunteer hours and 8 educational hours.
  • o   Of the 25 volunteer hours, 20 must be earned on WCMGA sponsored projects. The remaining 5 hors can be earned on any non-WCMGA sponsored project, other than your own garden (or your neighbors, or your mothers, etc.)
  • o   Hours must either be (1) self-reported onto the TEMG website or (2) given to the Certification Liaison (Jan Gibson … wcmg.certification@gmail.com) in order to be certified.
  • o   Please enter volunteer hours under ‘My Volunteer Hours’ and educational hours under ‘My Education Hours’


Everyone is encouraged to earn (AND REPORT) hours beyond certification on WCMGA sponsored projects. Volunteer assistance AND LEADERSHIP must be consistent for continued sustenance and maintenance of ongoing WCMGA projects. If there is no project leader or volunteer help, the project will go away.

Volunteering on projects:

  • ·      Volunteers working on projects must be interns, Master Gardeners, MG friends or spouse’s friends. All volunteers must have dues paid up to date to earn hours, with exception of interns who’s fee is paid in 1st year class cost.
  • ·      Members with unpaid dues will not receive hours earned and will not receive the discount card.
  • ·      Volunteers working on projects where kids are or can be involved must have the Level 2 forms signed per UT Extension requirement.

WCMGA President

Jack Melnick

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