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Email Communication: For the Love of Trees

26 Jan 2016 11:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


A few years back I studied a form of Tai Chi from a 91 year old sifu (teacher).  Sifu Share Lew would tell his students many stories to teach his lessons.  He would tell us that trees become ALIVE when the sun rises and when it sets.  He also showed us a form of exercise to receive the tree's energy. It was supposed to be good for improving lung energy.  This was important to me because in Traditional Chinese Medicine improving lung energy improves allergies and boy- was I suffering from Tennessee allergies.  

I'm not sure if we really can get energy from the trees but that fable has forever changed me.  I have more of an appreciation for trees since hearing Sifu's stories.  I always think of my sifu practicing Tai Chi in front of a tree doing his exercises.  You might see me doing the same; and especially during the spring.  

Okay, why am I talking about trees and why are you getting this email? Please see the communication below which we received from UTIA as a potential project available in the end of February.  If you feel moved to participate or want to lead, please reply back and place the subject of the email as Trees.

Goal: Planting 50,000 Trees Across Tennessee 
What we would do: Plant 200 trees in our county
How: Receive Bare Root Seedling (Up to 200 trees in our county)
When: February 27, 2016
Why: "Trees help reduce pollution by filtering stormwater runoff before it reaches our beautiful streams. By keeping our rivers and streams clean, we are ensuring clean drinking water and safe water recreation." 

Communication from UTIA

Please see below an opportunity for free trees for a state-wide tree planting effort through the Tennessee Environmental Council.  I participated in this last year, and their goal is to plant 50,000 trees across Tennessee on Feb 27th.  They are providing free bare root seedlings to volunteers, and seeking county-level "distribution centers."  Volunteers (anyone) can register to pick up free trees to plant and volunteer county-level centers are eligible for an additional 200 trees.  


Please pass this along to counties who may be interested or have a need for bare root seedlings.  Agents can direct questions my way of course, or contact the fine folks at TEC for more details.


Event website: http://tectn.org/50ktreeday/?utm_source=50K+Recruitment&utm_campaign=End+of+Year&utm_medium=email 





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