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PDF File Link on how to add volunteer hours.  VolunteerHours.pdf

The initial password for the Volunteers Hours Link would be password: MGPassword

If you need help with your password because you forgot your password emailwcmg.certification@gmail.com

Volunteer Sign Up Help


The login to the wcmga.net website is a new feature. This is not the same login and password to the Volunteer Hours link.  

WCMGA Login Help

The above YouTube link is the following address:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/-4Wq3DMg3RI

Login to the website is for 2016 Members.  Please use your email address that was used to register for membership. Also use your 5 number zip code and 3 letters of your last name as the password.  

Here is an example below:

Name: Jane Doe

Zip Code: 37064

Login: jane.doe@gmail.com

Password: 37064doe

Note: Each member needs to have a distinct email address.   If you share an email address as a married couple, sibling, friend,  or partner, we had to manually add this other person into the directory.  We will need their own distinct email address to update their profile.  Please contact Sadira Ebert if you have any issues. 

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